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Friday, 20 Apr 2018

9th AMN Congress

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Invitation for the AMN Presidiums and the AMN Members Business
Meetings 5th May, 2011
On behalf of Prof. Wen-Ta Chiu, AMN President
Preliminary Programme for the
9th World-AMN Congress Newcastle, GB,
In conjunction with the 16th EMN and with participation of EBIS

Dear Colleagues,
In following our ongoing preparations - “last minute” proposals - please find
herewith our actual (3rd) version for the AMN Newcastle program suggestion.
This proposal was adjusted to the EMN program and the EBIS ideas as much as
any possible. We are aware that this kind of organization will always be a compromise.
We hope and trust that you will come to actively participate in and
enjoy the prepared scientific and the social events.
We specially would like to thank David Mendelow, Honorary Congress President,
for providing us the forum to meet, and Ingo Steudel and Jean-Luc Truelle for
their fruitful suggestions and cooperation. Last but not least we would like to
tank Dafin Muresanu and his SSNN team, namely Ovidius Selejan, for taking
care about the final distribution of the documents by ground mail and being at
the AMN office in Newcastle (more information see
We are looking very much forward to meeting you in Newcastle May 5th to 6th,
2011. Please confirm your attendance or send your apology with your Proxy to
Ovidiu Selejan, Secretary General SSNN, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (Ovidius(at)ssnn.
Yours sincerely


Dr. Klaus von Wild, Kössen, A
Dr. Wen-Ta Chiu MD, ,PhD, President
Minister of Health, President Taipei University, Professor & Superintendent
Taipei Medical College, Affiliated Wan-Fang Municipal Hospital



9th Annual World- AMN Congress,
5th- 6th May, 2011, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Newcastle Marriott Hotel MetroCentre
MetroCentre • Gateshead, NE11 9XF United Kingdom
Newcastle Marriott Hotel Gosforth Park
High Gosforth Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 5HN, UK
Telephone 0044 - 191 - 236 – 4111, Telefax 0044 - 191 - 236 - 8192 

Congress President K. von Wild
In Conjunction with the
16th EMN Congress, Congress President W. I. Steudel
With Participation of EBIS, Chairman J.-L. Truelle
Honorary Congress President A. David Mendelow

Wednesday, May 4th 19.00: Official EFNS-ICH-social outing and medieval dinner. Preregistration


Thursday, May 5th 09.00- 10.00 EANS- ICH with EMN- QOLIBRI lectures on invitation
Nicole von Steinbüchel and Klaus von Wild QOLIBRI: Validation and clinical application
J-L Truelle , Montreuil, von Wild K, Fayol P, Chevignard M, Brooks N.: Community Re-entry
after Severe traumatic brain Injury in adults
Wai-S. Poon, Impact of Neurosurgical Rehabilitation on Outcome: Chinese QOLIBRI


Thursday , May 5th 10.30- 12.00 Newcastle Marriott Hotel MetroCentre
MetroCentre • Gateshead, NE11 9XF United Kingdom, Room to be announced
AMN Scientific Workshop: Neuropsychology by Barbara Wilson:
Planning and implementing cognitive rehabilitation programmes for individuals
with acquired non progressive brain injury”.
Email registration to: Ovidius(at) Entrance 30.00 BP (only on-site tickets)


13.00–15.15 3rdAMN-SSNN Special Panel Brain protection and recovery after TBI
Email registration requested, free entrance.
Chairs: Minoru Shigemori, Fukuoka, JP, Dafin Muresanu, Cluj-Napoca, RO, Klaus von Wild,
Münster, D

1. Dafin Muresanu, Cluj-Napoca,RO: Introduction (15 min) A new vision on CNS
protection and recovery.
2. Minoru Shigemori, Fukuoka, JP: Medical brain protection and outcome. (20 min)
3. Pieter Vos, Nijmegen,NL : Biomakers and outcome (15min)
4. Stefan Florian, Cluj, RO: Medication for spinal cord protection in SCI ? (15 min)

5. Heinrich Binder, Wien, A:Early NeuroRehabilitation: What was proven for
6. Barbara Wilson, Cambridge, UK: Neuropsychological interventions after TBI for
social reentry in Cambridge County (20min)
7. Summary: Wai S. Poon, Hong Kong, HKCh (15 min)

May 5th, 15.30 – 17.00 AMN Presidium business meeting
Invited Guest Dr. Jia-Wei Lin, representation of President Wen-Ta Chiu, AMN candidate,
senior neurosurgeon and chief director of Department of Neurosurgery in Taipei Medical
University-Shuang Ho Hospital, Taipei,
EMN and EBIS Presidium members are invited to join the meeting.
Agenda: Changes of Constitution, Elections, Future of AMN, new Academicians & Cooperations


May 5th, 17.15 –18.45 AMN General Assembly
Agenda: Changes of Constitution, Elections, new Academicians, Future of AMN & Cooperations
Invited Guest: Jia-Wei Lin, MD, PhD, representation of President Wen-Ta Chiu, AMN Candidate
EMN and EBIS members are kindly invited to join the meeting.
The May 5th, 20.00 EMN Social Get Together (Preregistration kindly requested)


Friday, May 6th Newcastle Marriott Hotel Gosforth Park
High Gosforth Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 5HN, UK
EMN Business meetings
8.00 - 9.00 Presidium administrative meeting
9.00 - 9.45 General Assembly: Elections
9.45- 10.00 Coffee break


10.00- 10.10 Welcome Addresses EMN & AMN with EBIS
David Mendelow, Honorary EMN & AMN Congress President Newcastle 2011
Wolf-Ingo Steudel EMN Presidents welcome
Minoru Shigemori, AMN President
Jean-Luc Truelle, EBIS Vice President


10.15 - 11.00 1st Session EMN - Klaus von Wild Lecture
Chair David Mendelow
Introduction Jean-Luc Truelle ,Paris/France
Brain injury, Vulnerability and Mental Capacity- Legal,
Clinical and Political Aspects
Neil Brooks, Stirling /United Kingdom

11.20 - 11.35 Evidence based (early) neurorehabilitation- what we would like to achieve
By EFNRS teaching programmes in Europe. Binder, Heinrich, Vienna, A

New trends in neurotrauma and Rehabilitation with special regard to the improvements
over the last 15 years
Chairs: Jia-Wei Lin, Stefan Florian
11.00-11.20 Honorary Lecture Trials in Head Injury
                  Mendelow, David, Newcastle/United Kingdom
11.20 - 11.35 Why human medicine and veterinarians have to meet in experimental
                  Research. Catoi, Cornel, Cluj-Napoca/Romania
11.35 - 11.50 The Japan-Ocean TBI data bank: Clinical impact-results
                  Shigemori, Minoru, Kurume/Japan
11.50 - 12.05 Early neurotrophic factors (Cerebrolysin ® ) treatment in TBI -
                  A large retrospective, national, multi-centric cohort study
                  Muresanu, Dafin, Cluj-Napoca/Romania

12.10 - 13.00 3rd Session EMN with AMN and EBIS
New trends in Neurotrauma and Rehabilitation with special Regard to the Improvements
over the Last 15 Years
Chairs: Wolf-Ingo Steudel, Santiago Lubillo
12.10 - 12.30 Computer modeling and laser stereo-lithography in reconstructive surgery
                  Kravchuk, Alexander, Evseev,Alexander et al. Moscow/Russia
12.30 - 12.50 Treatment of the head injuries from the war in Afghanistan and a small topic
                  to the question of “mild traumatic brain injury”
                  Kunz, Ulrich et al Ulm and Mazar e Sharif, Germany/Afghanistan
12.50 - 13.00 Gradients of intracranial pressure in patients with TBI
                  Schmitt, Melanie, Kiefer, Michael, Steudel, Wolf-Ingo et al. Homburg/Saar
13.00 - 14.00 Lunch

14.00 - 16.00 4th Session EMN with AMN and EBIS
Chairs: Andrew Maas, Nikolaus Plesnila
14.00 - 14.20 Seven Years Experience in 3D Custom-made Implants for Craniofacial Bone
                  Defects Reconstruction. Florian, S., Rotaru,H., Stan H. , Băciuţ, Gr. et al.
                  Cluj , RO
14.20 - 14.35 Combating hypoxia by an artificial oxgen carrier results in neuroprotection in
                  a rat model of focal brain ischemia. Schilling, Lothar, Mannheim/Germany
14.35 - 14.50 Role of vasopression receptors for the development of posttraumatic brain
                  edema. Plesnila, Nikolaus, Dublin/Ireland
14.50-15.05 The prognostic relevance of brainstem tractography in comatose patients
                  with severe head injury. Voellger B.,Abdelrehim M.,Aschoff U. Firsching,R.
15.05-15.20 Management of induced and preexisting coagulopathy in TBI
                  Schwerdtfeger ,Carsten, et al, Homburg (Germany)
15.20-15.35 Telemetry for long-term ICP monitoring
                  Antes, S., Steudel, Wolf-Ingo, Eymann, Regina,Schmitt, Melanie, Homburg/

16.30 - 19.00 5th Session AMN, EMN and Ebis - Scientific Workshop
Hotel Location and room to be announced upon (pre-) registration
Perspectives on TBI-RQOL - Lessons from the QOLIBRI task force and
validated QOLIBRI data
Organized and supported by Cerebptrotect e.V. Münster, Germany
Chairs: Wai-S.Poon (AMN), Edmund Neugebauer (EMN), Jean -Luc Truelle (EBIS)


16.30 - 16.40 Introduction
Klaus von Wild Münster/Germany, CEO Cerebroprotect D
Jean-Luc Truelle Paris/France, Chair Qolibri Task Force
Edmund Neugebauer Köln/Germany, Chair Qolibri Society D


16.40 - 17.10 QOLIBRI -Methodology, validation and its impact on clinical outcome
                 Studies. von Steinbüchel, Nicole, Göttingen/Germany,Wilson, Lindsay,
                 Stirling, UK
17.10 - 17.40 The clinical use of the QOLIBRI?
                 Truelle, Jean-Luc, Koskinen, S, Hawthorne, G, Sarajuuri, J et al, Paris/France
17.40 - 17.55 The Italian QOLIBRI experiences and perspectives
                  Formisano, Rita, Roma/Italy
17.55 – 18.20 Sanna Koskinen and Jaana Sarajuuri, Helsinki, SF: The QOLIBRI linked to
                 The International Classification of Functioning, Disabilities and Health (ICF).
18.20 – 18.35 David Mendelow, Newcastle, UK: The STITCH (TRAUMA) trial and QOLIBRI
18.35 – 18.45 Closing: Nicole von Steinbüchel
20.00 Social Fare Well Dinner (pre- registration necessary to


Dr. Klaus von Wild, Münster, Germany, 15 April, 2011