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Friday, 20 Apr 2018

7th AMN Congress

We are privileged to host the Annual Congress for the World Academy for Multidisciplinary Neurotraumatology in conjunction with our local neurosurgical society during the best season for Hong Kong in November 2009. Being a founding member and the Registrar of the World Academy, I have attended all the previous meetings in Brescia, Phoenix, Nagoya, Copenhagen, Düsseldorf and Cluj-Napoca of Romania. Hosting this meeting in the Chinese University's Postgraduate Education Centre at the Prince of Wales Hospital campus has motivated us to organize this conjoint congress the scientific quality traditionally exhibited by previous meetings of the World Academy and the Hong Kong Neurosurgical Society.

The themes for this conjoint congress are brain and spinal cord injuries. We would like to warmly invite the basic and clinical scientists, neuropsychologists, neurosurgeons and neurologists, neuro-urologists and neurorehabilitation professionals to come to this multidisciplinary academicians congress to share their clinical and research experience.

With twelve months of intensive organizational work behind our secretariat and the organizing committee, we are grateful to the solid support from our AMN members, medical and nursing members of the Hong Kong Neurosurgical Society, and the offices of the HKU Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Fund and the China SCI Network. We are delighted to report to you that we will have a great scientific meeting for a multidisciplinary group of 150-200 delegates from all three continents: Asia-Australasia, Europe and North America. The Scientific Programme is now available on the website, striking a good balance between head injury, spinal cord injury and general neurosurgery.

We are all looking forward to a fruitful exchange of scientific ideas and achievements, and perhaps more importantly, the establishment of personal contact for future collaborations.

Professor Wai Poon

President of the Conjoint Congress


Dear invited guests, overseas delegates, members and colleagues,

On behalf of the organizing committee, I welcome you to the combined Annual Congress of the World Academy for Multidisciplinary Neurotraumatology (AMN) and 16th Annual Scientific Meeting of The Hong Kong Neurosurgical Society (HKNS). Having the objective of advancing the knowledge and practice of neurosurgery as a science in Hong Kong, we organize annual scientific meeting for our members and related specialties yearly since 1994.

Each of our annual meetings has a theme. Renowned overseas speakers as well as local faculty works together to cover important area of the theme. As neurotraumatology is the theme this year, it is our honor that we host our meeting with AMN. With the participation of AMN, we have even more overseas experts to cover a wide range of topics on neurotrauma. To show our commitment of research in neurotrauma, we have funded a research on the socioeconomic impact of post-concussion syndrome after mild head injury in Hong Kong recently. The background of this proposal will be presented in this meeting.

By organizing regular meetings with academic society overseas, we wish our members will take it as a steady platform for the exchange of research ideas globally. Lastly, I have to express my deepest thanks to the hard work of the organizing committee, particularly Professor Wai Poon, Dr. Stephanie Ng, Dr. YC Po, Dr. KY Yam and Dr. KN Hung for making our meeting successful.

Looking forward to seeing you in the meeting.

Wong Chi Keung
The Hong Kong Neurosurgical Society


Invited Speakers

Giorgio A BRUNELLI (Brescia, Italy)
Thomas S T CHAN (Hong Kong)
Jame C P CHEUNG (Hong Kong)
Nim-Kwan CHEUNG (Hong Kong)
Alexandru-Vladimir CIUREA (Bucharest, Romania)
Mari DEZAWA (Sendai, Japan)
Shi-qing FENG (Tianjin, PRC)
Colin GRAHAM (Hong Kong)
Gong JU (Xian, PRC)
Kah-keow LEE (Singapore)
Tatia M C LEE (Hong Kong)
José LEÓN CARRIÓN (Sevilla, Spain)
Jian-jun LI (Beijing, PRC)
Kai LIU (Boston, USA)
Dafin Fior MURESANU (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
Chi-fai NG (Hong Kong)
Ivan H B NG (Singapore)
Gelu ONOSE (Bucharest, Romania)
Duan-qing PEI (Guangzhou, PRC)
Claudio PERINO (Torino, Italy)
Yi REN (New Jersey, USA)
Jeffery V ROSENFELD (Melbourne, Australia)
Minoru SHIGEMORI (Fukuoka, Japan)
Tian-sheng SUN (Beijing, PRC)
Ning TANG (Hong Kong)
Ivan TIMOFEEV (Cambridge, UK)
Raymond TONG (Hong Kong)
Hans TRITTHART (Graz, Austria)
Jean-Luc TRUELLE (Paris, France)
Nicole VON STEINBUECHEL (Göttingen, Germany)
Kevin K W WANG (Florida, USA)
Yat-Wa WONG (Hong Kong)
Wu-tian WU (Hong Kong)
Shu-yuan YANG (Tianjin, PRC)
Janice H H YEUNG (Hong Kong)
Jian-ning ZHANG (Tianjin, PRC)
Sai ZHANG (Tianjin, PRC)
Hui ZHU (Kunming, PRC)


Programme Highlights

Head Injury

Spinal Cord Injury
Quality of Life
Biological Engineering
General Neurosurgery